St. Joseph’s Church

The design intent for St. Joseph’s was to create a simple building on a stringent budget requirement, that would convey the spiritual inspiration of Christian tradition as well as the contemporary culture of the parish congregation.

In order to express simplicity and truthfulness, the design is centred on the strength and space of the building’s structure, which is almost entirely exposed. Wood is used extensively both as a structural material and as a finishing material. Steel connections are left deliberately exposed.

Where tilt-up concrete panels are used to support the structure with powerful pillars they are finished in brick masonry, expressing the structure in a masonry context, which is appropriate for structural members working in compression. The roof gives an exterior expression to the design logic of the building. Roof volumes are complemented by a tower which is designed to accommodate future bells.

A design message that complements the requirements of the liturgy, is a primary goal, and this is carried through in the design of the altar, tabernacle, ambo, baptismal font and furniture. Key elements are simplicity, strength and the use of natural materials, such as wood and stone.